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The Baby Backdroplet was developed by Matt and Pam, husband and wife and photographer and engineer.

Bright Light Create is a division of Etherdox Photography, LLC., Pam’s photography business, which she has owned since 2006. Before she was a photographer Pam was an engineer, so when she had that lightbulb moment for the Baby Backdrop she knew it was a good one. She has been doing newborn portraits for the past 8 years or so and has done way more editing than she would like to admit on the backgrounds of baby photos.

Matt has been asking Pam for years what he can invent to help her or other photographers. He’s great at design and he can always find a creative way to work around problems. He also laughs at Pam’s design drawings for their lack of scale and accuracy. (But in a nice way.) He built many different versions of the Baby Backdrop, which al  their living room for awhile, improving with every version, before arriving at the backdrop stand you see here.