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Is this backdrop stand unsafe or tippy?

No. One of the first things we realized when we planned this stand is that we don't want to hold the baby, we only want to hold the fabric around the baby. The baby is lying on the beanbag. The stand is supporting the fabric under and around the baby. When all you see is a stand with a slipcover, it's not obvious that the support is really the beanbag under the fabric. But - this is not a chair. You can't sit on it; all it's doing is holding the fabric up where you want it, behind and to the sides of the baby.

Does this work with a smaller beanbag? Do I need to fill my bag up with more beans before using it? Or do I have to replace my small bag with a new large one?

This is one thing that the reengineered Baby Backdroplet II was designed to improve. Since the stand's legs go to the outside of the beanbag, your bag can be smaller and it doesn't matter. Travel-size beanbags will work just fine.

Setup for round background stand for newborn baby photography

How much room does this take up? Will it fit in my studio?

The beanbag I've used in the images on this site is 44" in diameter. That's a pretty standard size for a newborn posing beanbag. The Baby Backdroplet is 50" in diameter at the top, so it's 6" wider at the top than the beanbag is. For me, this takes up a lot less space than my old method of setting up a full-size backdrop stand behind my beanbag, then trying to angle everything just right. Also this stand is easy to move around if you want a change of light - that is much harder to do using a regular background stand or a PVC stand behind the beanbag. Here's a size comparison showing a DIY PVC stand compared to the Baby Backdroplet.

Round background stand for newborn baby photography compared to pvc stand

And here the PVC stand and the Baby Backdroplet are, sandwiched together. You can see that the Baby Backdroplet is pretty much the same size.

Round background stand for newborn baby photography compared to pvc stand

It's hard to disassemble the circle.

That's a good thing! That means that it's not going to fall apart while you're using it. And if you follow these disassembly steps, it's easy to get apart.

I layer blankets when I do a newborn session. How many blankets can I layer on this backdrop stand? Is there a weight limit?

This picture shows 2 blankets layered and then covered with a big heavy Flotaki rug. The stand sides weren't drooping and seemed as sturdy as ever. They're made of fiberglass rods and are very springy.

Round background stand for newborn baby photography

Your stand is just a rip-off of Paloma Schell stands.

Nope. We started off making square and octagon stands using tent poles and a whole bunch of different sorts of steel fittings, with the goal of coming up with something that didn't fall apart like a PVC stand. The first time we put poles together in a circle it was obviously so much better than what we had been trying that we knew a round stand was going to be the direction we chose. But that brings up a good question - are Paloma Schell stands better than the Baby Backdroplet? Sure, definitely they are better for some photographers, no question. I think if you have a dedicated baby studio that you use all the time, there's no reason to get anything else. However, I am primarily a family photographer who does newborns portraits from time to time. I want a stand that is affordable, easy to set up in a couple of minutes, and packs down very small to store in my garage. If you are more like me, this stand might be a better fit.

What is your return policy?

We really hope that you absolutely love this backdrop stand. If you have any concerns about it, please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right. If the Baby Backdroplet is just not for you, you can return it for a refund for 30 days. (You might want to save the shipping box just in case - it's hard to find boxes that long!)

What does shipping cost?

We charge only the actual shipping cost. If you put the stand in your cart you can calculate what shipping will actually cost you for a couple of different shipping speeds. We will get your stand in the mail the next day after you order it.

Can you ship internationally?

Because the stand ships in a very long (and skinny) package, it's prohibitively expensive to ship overseas. Sorry! Matt is working on an idea for a stand that would break down into smaller lengths, but we don't have that quite figured out yet. I can ship to Canada - if that's what you need, contact us with your postal code and I will set up a special listing on Etsy so that you can pay the actual shipping cost.


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